The Patient War
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Jonathan - Graduates from the University of Minnesota in spring of 2001 with a self styled degree in Theatrical Sound Design. He has worked on three shows in 2000, including an 8 hour version of Heiner Mueller's "Die Hamletmaschine" as performed by the Praxis Group. In 1997, Jonathan and two cohorts founded The Descent, a weekly radio show on the U of MN's 770 Radio K. Together and independently, they have dj-ed on-air and at local clubs and parties over the last three-plus years. Jonathan is additionally interested in the visual arts, including metal casting and sculpture. He is also the co-founder of the late Dies Irae ! US.

Benjamin - Is a unix badass currently living in NYC, a musician, a painter, and a film afficionado from the U of MN. He is the co-founder of the late Dies Irae ! US. He also writes short bios.


Samplers and Synths
(2x)Ensoniq ASR-X           
Korg DS8
Korg EA-1
Roland D5
Ensoniq KT-76 
Aria Mach II
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24
Ibanez Soundgear Bass    
Effects and Amps
Boss MT2 Metal Zone
Boss Bass Overdrive 
Boss Bass Multi-effects 
Digitech RP-1 
DOD Ice Box  
Morley Badhorsey Wah          
BBE 482
Alesis Midiverb 4
Roland Jazz Chorus 120 
SWR Bass Rig

Recording and Mixing
AMD K6-2 450 mHz 
AMD K6-2 333 mHz
MOTU 2408mkII
Event GINA interface          
Tascam TMD-1000 Mixer
Tascam MDAD8
Sony DAT
Mackie 1402 vlz 
KRK k-rok monitors          
Opcode 64X midi interface
Shure SM-58
Shure SM-57
Shure VP-64
Alesis RA-100